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Beta Testing

The Building History site was developed over the summer of 2009.

It has since been released to the general public, on the understanding that there are probably going to still be some bugs lurking in the code.

New features will continue to be added, but the core site itself should be fully useable, with only the odd bit of down time (fingers crossed).

If you do spot anything unusual then please report it and we'll do our best to fix the problem.

Additionally, if you have any ideas for how we can improve the site (or even just spot spelling/gramatical errors on help pages) then please do contact us. We can't promise to implement all ideas, but they'll be reviewed as and when development time is available.

You can follow Building History's progress on Twitter by clicking here:


Known Bugs

The following bugs are currently known about:

  • Social bookmarking doesn't work on building pages
  • Fix sorting of entries on category pages
  • Population chart rendering in MSIE. Works in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Cause is known
  • Graph rendering in all browsers other than Firefox, scroll bars around some. Cause is known
  • Inline editing doesn't work. Cause is known
  • Logout doesn't work on all pages in Firefox and Chrome. MSIE uses non javascript method. Cause known
  • History page cur and prev links don't work. Cause known
  • Cannot view differences between edits. Cause known
  • After logging in, not always taken back to previous page. Cause known
  • Census table headers dont fully work. Cause known
  • Towns cannot be successfully added to categories. Cause known
  • Parsing articles with unclosed ref tags. Cause is known


  • 02/01/10 - Various bug fixes
  • 30/10/09 - Bug - Contrib and Watchlist pages weren't rendering properly when a user had only edited or watched one category of article
  • 26/10/09 - Feature - Improved the search function
  • 26/10/09 - Feature - Added help video feature
  • 25/10/09 - Feature - Added social bookmark links to main, town, road and building pages
  • 24/10/09 - Feature - Town, Road and Building articles with a length of less than 400 automatically have stub tags inserted
  • 18/10/09 - Bug - Full page titles not showing for roads and buildings
  • 18/10/09 - Bug - Google / other spiders picking up authentication required pages. Moved to single page model and added noindex http header
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