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About BuildingHistory

This page contains general information about this website.

Please see the Help Section for help on how to use the site.


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Building History is a collaborative project tasked with producing freely available information about the history of the UK's towns, roads and buildings. It was launched in October 2009.

Other sites such as Wikipedia allow only articles of general interest to be added. Building History believes that all buildings are of interest and deserve to have information recorded about online for future reference.

Building History is a wiki that anyone can edit. Articles are created in plain text with special tags inserted where needed to present the page in a clear and readable format.

Privacy of UK citizens is of paramount importance to the project. Only information already in the public domain (such as on census records) may be added.


This site uses software, code, data and images from the following sources:

Name       Type       Description       Homepage      
PHPProgramming LanguageUsed throughout the site as the main server-side programming language
MySQLDatabaseUsed throughout the site for storing data
Web ServerApacheUsed to serve the website
NanoEditorUsed almost exclusively for writing/editing code
DebianOSBH is developed on and served from Debian Linux
SilkIconsUsed throughout the site, especially on the article edit page
GeonamesLocation DataThe list of counties and towns was originally populated from Geonames' database
JQueryJavascript LibraryUsed throughout the site
exCanvasJavascript LibraryUsed throughout the site to make canvas work in IE
TablesorterJavascript LibraryUsed throughout the site to make tables sortable (including this one!)
FlotJavascript LibraryUsed throughout the site for charts
Slimbox2Javascript LibraryUsed on article pages to show large versions of images
PrototypeJavascript LibraryUsed throughout the site
ProtochartJavascript LibraryUsed throughout the site for charts
Google MapsMappingGoogle Maps and Streetview are used on article pages, accessed through their API
FlickrImage HostingUsed on article pages. Interfaced via the Flickr API.
GeographImage HostingUsed on article pages. Interfaced via the Geograph API

Please contact us if you spot any omissions.


Building History is one of many personal spare time projects/hobbies of steven, a twenty something from Warwick.

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