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Building History is a free, online, collaborative project that aims to produce a complete and permenant record of the UK's towns, roads and buildings. All information added is auto-archived by The British Library, ensuring that it remains freely available and in the public domain forever. The project was launched in October 2009 and needs your help to expand.

Building History differs from other projects in that any road or building can be added - not only those deemed notable. You are not only allowed but encouraged to add the building in which you live and the road on which it lies. Data is stored in a structured format that is easy to add, edit and navigate. Only a web browser, valid email address and a few minutes of time are required to get going. The Getting Started guide has more info.

Use the Location Search or Browse link in the top right of each page to find a city, town or village. You can then browse buildings by road.

Building History is a wiki. Articles are created in plain text by users like you, with special tags inserted where needed to present pages in clear and readable format. Content can be easily embedded from Google Maps, Streetview, Geograph and Flickr. There's no need to learn web design or HTML to create and edit articles. The Formatting Guide of the help section has information on how to format pages.

Privacy of UK citizens is of paramount importance to the project. Only information already in the public domain (such as on census records) may be added. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy document. For frequently asked questions about the project please check out the FAQ.
View of Warwick from the castle - Photo by Building History The creator of Building History lives in Warwick. As such, much data was added about the town during development & testing of the site. Currently it is the most complete (though far from finished!) example of how pages should be structured.
The graph that follows shows the number of roads and buildings that have been added over time:

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